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Our People, Culture and Values

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Our People

thumbnail imageOur strength lies within Oil and Gas Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Information Technology (IT) skills to support the Supply Chain Management and Materials Management initiatives by providing a strong partnership, experience and talent, to deliver sustainable competitive advantage, and generate maximum value to our clients.
We aim to create an environment where everyone has the equal opportunity to develop their talents to full potential through formal training, mentoring, hands-on experience and leadership skills. We keep our communications channels, open and transparent, encouraging everyone to contribute by challenging status quo through sharing ideas and innovation, and taking accountability for greater success.
Our vision is to develop local and national skill sets in countries we operate, which will be one of our top priority to deliver a long term sustainable solution to the industry.We are highly committed to the health and safety of all our team members, their families and the communities in which we operate.

Our Culture and Core Values

Our culture comes from a shared set of ideas, beliefs and values as to what is important to us as a company, and what drives sustainable value for our customers by simplifying and eliminating non-value added activities.

Our Core Values are formed under the following foundation:

Integrity is a value that Excomatix is focused on both internally and externally starting from internal and external stakeholders and in everything we do. Integrity is the core standard that we excel to exceed each and every way by understanding and adapting to corporate culture. By honoring commitments to our partners through collaboration and being open to new ideas and striving for continuous improvement. Our reputation and integrity is the foundation which is achieved by being honest in all our relationships while holding ourselves to the highest degree of accountability standards. We will not compromise on personal gains and will be very open, transparent and honest with a clear intention towards our client’s success.

Trust – Excomatix foundation relies on trust, which begins internally with our own team members and the success of which we share with our customers. Rest assured that we will go the extra mile to uphold our values and integrity in maintaining our trusting relationship to follow through on commitments. Trust is built by our focus on the client’s success not only by just guaranteeing them value creation during times of stressed market environment, but also helping the Oil and Gas industry focus on Supply Chain Optimization, compliance and efficiency to drive excellence.

Partnership & Accountability – Holding ourselves accountable and responsible for our actions and the consequent results. Our success depends on how well we partner with our clients by positioning ourselves with the knowledge we have about this industry and the function without compromising on business values.

ExCOMATIX was formed by strong teamwork. Our success depends on how we share ideas and by caring and looking out for others, by having joint objectives to reach a common goal, communicating constructively, and collaborating to improve.

Home » Our People, Culture and Values