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Based on the challenges observed in materials management solution area, we also offer solutions to address specific challenges and help drive the benefit to the overall integrated approach to deliver efficiency in materials management

  • DRILLCAST® – Drilling & Completions Dynamic Planning and Forecasting tool

    Planning & Forecasting plays a key role in delivering an effective materials management. With the dynamic nature of drilling programs and plans, and several factors including but not limited to permitting, approved funding for expenditure (AFE), rig schedule, long lead time, design parameters, geological evaluation, crude price, local and political challenges creates a lot of uncertainty in forecasting.

    We are not eliminating the uncertainty, but bringing real time visibility and predictability of forecast accuracy (i.e. 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, 18 months, etc.) that will allow internal and external stakeholders to better manage the materials, and minimize impact of stock outs and over stocking situations. The more information you can gather, the less inventory you need to hold.

    Our solution is capable of integrating seamlessly with any enterprise systems (i.e. inventory, procurement, maintenance, accounting, etc.) to maximize the overall return on investment.

  • AssetVis® – Enterprise Asset Visibility and KPI management across systems
    • Technology and solutions in Oil and Gas industry are fragmented – even at company level due to the complexities in different operating assets. For example: Projects vs operations; Geographic Regions and certainly Joint Ventures adds another dimension to the complexity
    • Technology systems are business facilitators. From a mere transactional tool it has to put to use, to enhancing the value across the lifecycle, requires incorporating of business objectives. This is achieved by process fine tuning, removing redundancies, and federating information from disparate systems and support finer decision making.
    • Some of the key challenges faced by Oil and Gas industries are: Inability to track inventory – quantity and value; Inventory devaluation resulting in major compliance and tax irregularities, visibility of information across lifecycle etc.
    • Based on our key industry experience, we are uniquely positioned to help our customers to improve information visibility across the organization, better inventory valuation & improvement in compliance and tax regulations, as one function across the company. Fast implementation turnaround; simplistic and flexible solution design; deliver dashboards and reports on any browser based applications and portals, etc. are some examples of the services we offer.

Information DeliveryInventory Management

  • TUBETRAXX® – A unique Casing & Tubing (OCTG) tracing solution across the lifecycle from Mill to Well site

    This is a unique solution to track and trace Casing & Tubing (OCTG) throughout the supply chain from mill to well site and also allows to build the well schematics. This tool is app enabled and captures all the relevant information about a tubular at your fingertips such as: Type : Casing , Tubing; Connection: API, Premium, Semi Premium, Flush, Semi Flush, Plain End; PPF; Length, Pipe Yard : Location; Data Sheets; Quantity & dual Unit of Measure in Feet and Joint; Status, etc.

Casing and TubingCasing and Tubing

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