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Warehouse Design & Reengineering

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Space = Inventory Carrying Cost = Money

ExCOMATIX is able to offer a warehousing solution that is right for every client’s unique business needs. Our experience demonstrates that majority of oil & gas clients have a great opportunity to optimize warehouse space utilization. Ideally this has to be addressed while designing a warehouse. However, most clients will try to fit in to existing facilities and end up adding more and more facilities as they feel the facilities are occupied. In reality, though warehouses appear to look fully occupied, due to the poor design and planning of warehouses, it may be only 60-70% occupied.
We will help our clients to evaluate the overall utilization of your warehouse, reengineer warehouse, if needed and also help design new warehouses to ensure maximum utilization of the space. We will also incorporate the inventory strategies (i.e. Movement Analysis (FSN), Criticality Analysis (VED), Value Analysis (HML), Preservation, Warehouse Floor Layouts such as goods issue/ receipt counter) to ensure that the warehouse logistics efficiency is not compromised. Our design will follow based on 5 S Principles (i.e. Shining, Sorting, Standardize, Segregation and Sustainability). We will also work with our clients to identify the level of automation needed to drive efficiency and to meet the required service levels.

Transformation in warehousing and pipe yard management

We drive for continuous improvement culture and we actively seek opportunities to look at things differently, challenging status quo and driving change management wherever possible.
Our market-leading procurement and warehousing operational excellence program using Lean Six Sigma methodologies ensures best practice and continuous improvements by eliminating waste and non-value added steps are kept at the forefront of all our processes and procedures.  This programme delivers strong and sustainable value proposition and an improved culture striving for excellence.
Through this framework we are able to deliver significant tangible cost reduction and eliminate unnecessary cost out of supply chain, by reducing storage footprint, hence reduced inventory carrying cost.

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Home » Integrated Materials Management » Warehouse Design & Reengineering