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Materials Strategy – Capital Projects & Operational

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Most companies don’t realize that major capital projects has a bigger role to play for a sustainable and efficient long term materials management strategy. Effective management and control of asset information is critical to the success of major capital projects and efficient asset operations. Based on years of experience in the oil and gas industry, the solution was specifically designed to address information management challenges throughout the project phase, asset lifecycle – from design and construction of new facilities, to operations and maintenance. The solution combines industry best practices with the enterprise-level capabilities and an architecture that enables tight integration with existing systems, by maximizing the value chain of the critical piece of information.

Success depends on how efficiently we can make use of the information’s scattered in multiple ERP systems throughout the supply chain, to one central repository and translating those information to help all parties within the supply chain to benefit and to assist senior executives to make meaningful decisions based on data driven facts.

ExCOMATIX helps integrate multiple ERP systems between major capital projects, Original Equipment Manufacturer and operational supply chains achieve end to end global visibility across supply chain functions and improve interfaces, supply chain visibility and control, increase ability to forecast and provide KPIs.

  • End to end supply chain visibility with dashboards, alerts, reports, KPIs, and materials tracking and traceability
  • Increase accuracy and reliability
  • Improved Performance
  • Gather data efficiently – using integrated data feeds from existing systems
  • Identify anomalies, expose problems, improve data quality
  • Own the accuracy of data instead of leaving it with third party (i.e. vendors, contractors, EPC, etc.) and their systems
  • Minimal cost and disruption for all vendors and contractors with easy user adoption
  • Maximize systems capability rather than replace current systems

Capital Projects to Operations Interface

Home » Integrated Materials Management » Materials Strategy – Capital Projects & Operational