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About Us

Our Key Differentiators:

Functional Subject Matter Experts within Oil & Gas in Supply Chain and Materials Management domain

Delivers successful Implementation and sustainable solutions

Focused on value chain optimization and cost elimination by efficiency gains

ExCOMATIX birthed out of years of industry experience along with a strong vision in driving excellence within Oil & Gas Supply Chain Management, especially in the areas of Materials Management, compliance and optimization using lean process and system integration.

Majority of the major national and international oil companies are so frustrated that they don’t have the organizational capability to solve the supply chain related problems internally and finds it extremely difficult to have consultants deliver a sustainable solution. Awareness of the mis-management of hard dollar assets within Oil & Gas as well as the companies’ misconception about supply chain management, set a group of experts who worked for major operators gather and compile their observations, expertise, and solutions to a number of problems Oil & Gas companies are facing today. The solution we offer will be unique with direct experiences we gained from major operators point of view.

We are specialized in delivering strong value proposition that helps sustain the bottom line in optimizing an end to end supply chain solution. If retail industry and automotive industry can manage their materials with high standards, we will bring that mind set within Oil & Gas industry, without compromising on reliability, integrity, performance and safety, which serves as four key pillars of our company.

We have a successful team of experts with both functional and systems expertise within supply chain management, gathered to address huge challenges faced specifically by energy industry today. One of the main focus is on delivering results the right way by creating awareness across the company through business process reengineering and visualization. Oil & Gas industries are highly volatile to the market conditions, and generally Supply Chain function reacts drastically when the oil prices crash. By that time it is too late to realize any enterprise wide benefits.

We take pride in giving importance to delivering sustainable model to manage assets, and companies can gain competitive advantage, even when oil price swings drastically. Every dollar that we save within supply chain will impact the bottom line of companies’ profit.

We believe that leaders in the industry should have a clear line of sight on how the organization knowingly or unknowingly mismanage company assets. We position ourselves helping across upstream, midstream and downstream, operators, national and international oil companies, and joint partners to have full visibility of what is going on within the company; and their respective shares are properly managed. Our solutions are leading edge within the industry, and assure prompt delivery of the results to the stakeholders and eventually shareholders of your company.


Excomatix strongly advocates to driving change management and to “Think Global and Act Local”. Our mission is to transform oil & gas supply chain into sustainable value creation, that adds to the bottom line of company’s profit. About Us

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